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SMARFI Technology


Color matching

  • SMARFI first succeeded in identically matching the colors of the touch points and the non-touch areas.
  • The trend is that the colors of the touch points and the back of the hand are the same and that the smart gloves are changing to have similar colors and shapes with the general gloves.No cheap gloves with different colors for the touch points!
  • Our products have the same colors for the touch points and the non-touch areas, which make them different from those of other companies.We have accomplished such achievement in a short period and have acquired a patent right.

Good quality

  • SMARFI gloves are made of premium wool.
  • SMARFI’s smart gloves have 10 touch points for 10 fingers rather than just 2 touch points forthe thumb and the index finger.Unlike the products of other companies, which uses low-quality wool, SMARFI uses premium lamb’s wool for its smart gloves, which does not easily become worn out and has a good thermal function.Its 10-gauge gloves have a dense structure with good durability and can maintain its high quality for a long time.

Various Designs and Colors

  • Luxurious fashion item!
  • SMARFI’s smart gloves have various designs and colors that can appeal to a wide range of ages.Thus, in addition to their functional aspects, they are great as a fashion item.
  • They overcome the limitations of the design in which the touch points have different color designs and create sophisticated designs.