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What are smartphone gloves?

  • The feature of smartphone gloves is to transmit the current that flows through the human body to a touch screen. The transmission medium is usually a metal in which electric current flows well.

Characteristics of SMARFI gloves

  • When a material with metal is used for the touch points in gloves, it typically looks like it is impossible to identically match the color of the non-touch areas, such as the back of the hand or the wrist, with that of the touch points.
  • The reason is that it is difficult to dye a metal.
  • SMARFI has developed a technology that almost matches the colors of the touch pointsand the non-touch areas, such as the back of the hand, by dying a metallic thread. In addition, it has a technology that consistently maintains the conduction characteristics of smartphone gloves after many trials and errors. (Korean patent no.10-1149008, Japanese patent no.5624223)
  • Due to its technical capability, SMARFI’s neat gloves are popular as smartphone touch gloves in Japan.
  • Usually, the sales of products are closely related to a trend. However, SMARFI’s touch gloves are sold well in the Japanese market every year.
  • SMARFI uses only a Jacquard machine that can implement diverse patterns. In addition, it possesses a technology that can design various patterns desired by customers without any limitation. Any color and pattern can be applied in producing touch gloves.