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Production Technology


Markets of fashion gloves

  • So far, customers go to the market and choose the gloves that they want from those that are displayed.
  • Gloves companies decide, produce, and sell gloves, unilaterally. Customers’ opinions are diverse and are not applied.
  • If a customer wants to have his/her own gloves with a design he/she desires, this can be realized only by SMARFI.
    SMARFI can create gloves for couples, family members, company members, events, gifts, acknowledgments, clubs, and other purposes regardless of their quantity.

Available to develop various types of products

  • As SMARFI can program diverse designs by referring to pictures, photos, etc., you can have various patterns of gloves.
  • In particular, patterns on the wrist, which are not typically considered to be implemented by using a Jacquard machine, can be made.

Customized product development with high-quality functional materials

  • SMARFI respects consumers’ opinions.
  • Consumers can wear their own touch gloves by expressing the designs that they want.

SMARFI pursues products of the best quality.

  • Various labels, embroidery, tags, and packaging are also available to enhance the product value.